We offer Forklift Truck training for all levels of skill and experience. The training is customised for your needs and delivered at your premises, using your equipment. The length and content of the training will be dependent on the participant’s skill and experience.

Fork Lift Truck

Fork Lift Truck Operator Refresher Course: 1 Day Course

For experienced Operators.

Course Objectives

To refresh experience or previously trained operation on the responsibilities of the fork lift truck driver, the need for preventative maintenance and good driving techniques.

Intended For

Forklift truck drivers who have already received basic driver training or are ‘experienced’ and who would benefit for further instruction in the safe handling of their vehicles.

Course Content

  • The safe use of forklift trucks in industry
  • The responsibilities of fork lift drivers
  • The effect of load size, weight, gradients and ground conditions upon machine stability
  • Loading handling – routine maintenance and servicing procedures
  • Short objective testing session

It is recommended by the HSE that all experienced Fork Lift Truck operators should attend a Refresher course every three years.

Fork Lift Truck Operator: 3 Day Course

Course Objectives

By combining practical and theoretical training to develop the trainee’s skill and knowledge of fork lift operations to the Health & Safety Commissions Approved Code of Practice and Supplementary Guidance intended for those requiring training and certification to basic standard.

Intended For

Persons who are involved in the operation of fork lifts in the work place, and have had no formal training.

Written & Practical Tests

Training will take place in company using client’s own properly maintained fork lift truck

Course Content


  • Responsibilities and Health & Safety at Work Operator’s Safety Code
  • Daily inspection of hydraulic systems
  • Operating practices
  • Engineering principles of a fork lift truck’s centre of gravity stability triangle


  • Controls and instruments
  • Daily inspection
  • Stopping, starting, steering and manoeuvring
  • Stacking/restacking
  • Loading lorries/trailers
  • Driving on ramps
  • Handling pallets